Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good Diet, Enough Sleep, & Moderate Exercise - The Secrets to a Healthy Life

It's a sad fact that 99% of people know they should be taking more exercise but most continually put it off until the next day. The thing is tomorrow never comes. If you actually forced your self to take some positive action you would notice a feel good factor almost straight away. This would spur you on to continuing your regime.You don't need to train like a professional athlete to enjoy the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle.

Three or four 30 minute sessions a week will male a real difference to your health and your outlook. If you don't like jogging then there is always cycling or a gym class.There is no need to feel self conscious as before long your confidence will sky rocket and you will wonder why you didn't take some action years ago.

The one meal I would never forget is breakfast. When you wake up in the morning it is the longest that your body has been without food and to not eat then is like getting in the car in the morning and driving to work with the petrol warning light on. Just eat a balanced and try not to eat too much of one type of food. Try to ensure you eat 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day. Nature was very kind to us and actually color coded these for us. Try and eat a selection of colors, greens, reds, oranges etc to ensure you eat a good selection.

There is no need to cut out all the foods you enjoy. Feel free to treat yourself every once in a while otherwise you may find that a healthy lifestyle is no fun at all and give up. In simple terms to be more healthy you need to ensure you have enough sleep, eat a balances diet (including breakfast) and work out three of four times a week.

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